Absolutely Random....

Me and Kate-Beans were  having a photo opt together. She loves taking pics. Absolutely loves it!! Haha I adore her. After 3 boys I never thought I would have a girl ;) my own little mini me. This week has been really relaxing for me and my clan.  I finished up classes on Monday; and I don't start the next ones til the 31st.  So it has been great having a break.  I am re-doing my bedroom and bathroom.  These are  the colors of my bedroom

Here's what I came up with so far; being that the walls are not colors that "pop" I want the decor to
I'm diggin this color scheme

I haven't made up my mind with the bathroom just yet. I'm thinking a rich brown hue and tangerine would look quite nice. I love this time of nite.  The kids are asleep, its quiet I'm able to sit and write in my journal, pray, fold laundry and watch makeup tutorials, or read and watch TV; yes at the same time lol.  I love HGTV. During the day, the TV is on Nick Jr. or PBS I might sometimes sneak in All my Children if the kiddos take a nap.  While I'm writing my post I am also watching.  :-). I'm sure some of u guys can relate.  This is why I happen to be a nite owl. We need sometime to ourselves in the day to recap or just to unwind.  I'm off to watch 30 more minutes of HGTV and then off to Sleepyland where an adventure from my subconscious awaits me  ;-)


  1. Hello Sistah! I personally know how you feel about your daughter. I have 3 boys ages 9, twins 6 & then I finally had my baby girl who is now 2 years old. She is such a girly girl too. lol...I love having a daughter.

  2. LOL you got your hands full over there just like me! We deserved to get our girly girls after so much testosterone haha