Minimalist Look

This was my look for the day. I would call this my everyday look.  Minimal foundation, bronzer; I'm a bronzer fanatic, mascara, gel liner. snob with lip glass completes the look. I have eyeshadow on as well, but me and my meaty eyelids, u really cannot see. I have been wrapping my hair wet when I co-wash it, hence the straight hair.  I'm trying to get my hair healthy.  I had bleached my hair only highlights last summer when it was really healthy. 

Then I dyed it,

So go figure, why wouldn't my hair be so healthy now?!? I am taking drastic steps now. No heat, no chemicals!!! I lost alot of length from bleaching and dying my hair. Now, I am just working towards having it healthy by the time Summer rolls around.  I'm so ready for Spring....... Spring Inspiration

Smile ;-)


  1. I love your hair & make-up in all of your pictures. The picture with you wearing the blue shirt is my favorite. Your hair is really nice. Reminds me of Rihanna & her read hair.

  2. Thanx Chick I just wish it would grow! Hope your enjoying your weekend