Seriously MTV??


When I first saw the previews for this show I was appalled and I was watching TV with my fourteen year old.  I immediately turned to him and told him he wouldn't be watching this show.  And honestly, it takes alot to appall me. God has blessed me with great kids and they are having a Christian upbringing.  But we have fun together. We like to have dance contest's play karaoke, critique music together, and they often are showing me the latest dance moves.  I have a fourteen year old.  I let him attend parties, drop him off at local teen hangouts.......I trust my kid, but I would never put him or myself in a situation that is sketchy. Meaning dropping him at a friends house, and not making sure the parents are home, and checking the parents out.  If alcohol is left out, are they openly swearing in front of their children.... I say all of this because in my opinion, your not only doing these things for your peace of mind, but your letting your kid know that you CARE enough about them to take those steps, and it makes a difference how they carry themselves.  From what I understand, these kids in this show are all under 17 except for one.  Has anyone checked out what they are promoting in this show?  Can you imagine what kids think about this show? MTV says they are targeting an older viewer, I'm assuming college kids?? Then why use actors that are actually kids but your targeting an older audience???  Parents aren't stupid! Seriously MTV. I think its a shame that to make money, TV execs are targeting out children and selling sex to them.  I have to screen shows that they are showing on Teen Nick! You would think because Nickelodeon has always been a kid friendly market, you wouldn't have to do that.  Overall this show just scared me.  Is this where our media is heading with our kids? Will we one day turn on our TVs at seven in the evening and see a pair of fifteen year old kids giving each other a blow job, or having an orgy?? All of our kids are not out screwing, drinking and popping pills. What do you think?


  1. Yeah, I feel you sistah....When I first saw the preview while watching "Jersey Shore" (another trashy show), All I saw was kids parting, kissing, drinking & having sex. On one preview, one teen lied to her mother about her where abouts...It is supposed to be a edgy show but how much is to much? MTV is on another level. It is not good.

  2. I was speaking to a friend the other day about this very issue. MTV has lost it's mind and morals. When I was 14, mtv had reality shows year after year and Daria!! Daria talked about things I was going through and I could relate..but she never dropped her pants and got it on!!

    TV today is a joke. I tried to inform my students that they must seek knowledge elsewhere..that they must pick a real person to idolize because these TV celebrities go about it the wrong way.

    I am glad to know you talk to your kids..I have a lot of parents who leave that up to me! Not cool...I'm the teacher...not the parent!

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  3. @ Keianna seriously it doesn't make not one bit of sense...
    @ Kay I absolutely agree and shame on the parents that leaves it up to the teacher to do their job. My Mum and brother or educators as well, and they are preaching the same thing in their classroom.