An Award for meeeee???

Ateya,over at pretty in the desert gifted me with a versatile blogger award. That was so sweet of her! Her blog is always interesting and she's awesome :-)  It's basically a newbie award; and I really appreciate the sentiment. So, I have to tell 7 things about myself as well as pick 15 other newcomers for the versatile blogger award. Okay, first things first..... (excitedly rubbing hands together....haha) 7 things:

I love MAC's mineralize bronzer

I love Hello Kitty :-)

I love any and all gain products


Jean Jackets

Platform sandals

And last but not least a rainy day when there is nothing to do but curl up and read a good book .

My versatile bloggers are:

Beauty and the Brown Girl
Chi Chi Sophistication
Unmarked habit
Lerina's Beauty Blog
Fabiola Michele
Coco and Olive
Koi Story
Mrs. Pocahantas Beauty Blog

These are my favorite newer blogs; I haven't been on long enough to find exactly 15 newbies like myself but I'm appreciative to the followers I have accumulated!! Thanks u guys!!! Please feel free to leave comments. Sometimes u guys are the only adult convo I have that day! LOL
Happy Bloggin ;-)


  1. Aww!! I'm glad you like it!! You never know, I think sometimes people think these are just a hassle so I'm glad you don't feel that way! :) I love platform sandals too, mainly because I get the height and the heel without as much of the pain! Can't wait to check out all the bloggers you awarded :) (ps it's actually Aseya, but you got closer than most people do!! hehe :) )

  2. Congrats Sister on your Award. Peace & Blessings to you & your family.

  3. Aseya!!! I'm sorry! And I did like it! Its much appreciated. I so agree with you with platform heels; I cannot walk in any other haha.
    @ Keianna thanx Sis! I have to get over to your page to formally congrats u on urs!!!

  4. I love sundresses too! Great blog! I'm a new follower! Congrats on your first blog award :)

  5. @ Chicgurl thank u! I'm itching to put on a sundress LOL

  6. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I really appreciate it :) Btw...I love Hello Kitty too!



  7. congratz on your award. You're blog's awesome so you deserve it ^-^

  8. Congratz on your award!! And thanks for including me in your fave list!! It surely means a lot to me!!

    BTW, I'm loving this new do!

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