Reality bites

Okay I admit it I am a Jersey Shore "watcher." I say watcher because I'm not a fan of alot of their antics; especially lately. Talk of dirty panties, clogged up toilets, and visits to the doctor for colon issues.....yea not my cup of coffee. For the most part I find their humor to be goofy and realistic and choreographed fun lol just saying.... anyways, who's surprised that Sammy's back??? I'm so not what girl wouldn't want a boy to grovel after them especially after they turned into the incredible hulk and all of the hulk antics were turned on you?? And lets not forget that he'll be grovelling on national TV. At least I would see the irony of that if it were me. 

I promised myself I would not watch the auditions of American Idol because I simply did not want to get hooked onto yet another reality series.....but my oldest son is an avid fan and one of the finalist Ta Tynisa Wilson  fashion sense and voice caught my attention. Fashion forward, her makeup and choice of lip color was fabulous and she can sing? Triple threat! I'll be watching and voting hope she goes far.

Check out the heels...


  1. Hey Niks! As for Jersey Shore,....It is my guilty pleasure lol. Sammi get on my last nerves. The fact that she loves attention, I am not shocked that she is back. The sad part is, I have a feeling that She & Ron will end up back together. She didn't stay away long enough to really heal from their breakup.

    As for Idol, I am a fan but I have dropped the ball. lol I did watch this week when Jaylo was crying. I honestly feel she makes the show this season.

  2. LOL same here, yes Sammi...hott mess. I love Jwoww. When she came back so soon, I think she came back for him. I haven't watched idol in 2 years really good bunch they have this year, its my son's fault lol

  3. Ugh! For some reason, MTV isn't letting me stream the last two episodes of Jersey Shore. She's back ALREADY? Goodness, I was starting to have some respect for her when she decided to leave to "heal".. Oh well :)

  4. I know! I said the same thing, now I feel like she just left to make the whole episode even more dramatic.