Things I use every day

Rimmel lasting finish airy fairy, and Bath and Body Works, Mentha Organics barely there

I love this combination together. Its a pretty pigmented color, the combination together just reminds me of Summer. :)
Bath and Body Works Tuberose body cream
 I have had a 2 year love affair with this product. It has not let me down yet. I keep buying more even though I have enough supply. You can't blame a girl if they decide to discontinue, i'll be okay for awhile lol.

Covergirl Clean in tawny # 165 & Maybelline concealer in deep # 25
These two for an everyday look are great! Its not too heavy, the concealer covers whatever blemishes you need too.  Its really lightweight they both do their job and you don't feel like you want to take a wipe and  swipe if off lol.

Aloe and Vitamin E  and fragrance free
These serve a dual purpose, a makeup remover for me, and  for a 1 yr old needs lol.  I love'em.  At the end of the day when I have taken a shower, kids are packed up for the next day, baths are done, homework, dinner, kitchen cleaned and a load of laundry folded. Two or three wipes takes off all the makeup and more! They don't leave your skin feeling dry and they leave your skin smelling good :)

Electric watermelon Wrigleys gum
Okay I'm not going to write a paragraph about this gum lol. I love it please try it .You'll be hooked.

China Glaze grape juice
I love this color!! This has been  the color for my toenails for two consecutive months.

Proactiv repairing lotion and toner
I have used this product for years.  I don't care what other skin products come along proclaiming to do the same thing, why mess up a good thing??

Citrus scent
I love this product. I have been on its bandwagon for years.  It has a clean crisp citrus scent.  I use it on Everything! Particularly  for my vehicle, sheets, pillows, curtains, kids outerwear, lint trap in dryer.... Yea it's that good. LOL

Last but not least,  my rags!! And my library reads.  Yes! If you saw Sex and the City , there's a part where Carrie is reading a book about poems, and she tells Bigg that there's nothing like the smell of a library book and that the process of  checking out a book from a library is priceless. It's so true!

I'm going to have to pop this movie in now. Hope everyone is having a productive week .


  1. I love posts like these! I tried Covergirl Clean once, but I got the completely wrong shade (dunno what I was thinking) so I gave it away.. I also used Proactiv for maybe a year and a half! I love the toner and repairing lotion, and ESPECIALLY the green tea moisturizer. I stopped using it though because I felt like it just stopped working for me :( It's also really expensive.

    I'm going to have to try that gum!

  2. I'm glad you liked :) I'll have to write more post like this. I try the shade before I leave the drugstore lol. I love the green tea moisturizer, i'm all out. My mother orders the Proactiv for me. I used to break out really bad, so she began getting it for me. I use it when I can feel my skin becoming irritable, thats when it works the best for me. Yes, do try the gum lol

  3. hahah i love huggies natural wipes for my baby as well and I also use them to remove makeup all the time! They're great =)
    Wonderful blog by the way ;)

  4. LOL it works right? Thanks for leaving a comment and checkin my diggs out :)