I'm a fanatic

Hey Guys! I have soooo missed posting. Busy has been my first, middle and last name lol. What has Ms. Nik been up to???

OMG.... Turbofire!! I have been on this health nut/fitness fanatic trip for about a month now. And i'm already seeing results! Yay! This workout is soooo intense! The music that you work out to is great. I love it!! I had been watching the informercial late at nite for a couple of months, before I finally decided to buy it. If your lookin to get in shape, check it out! So anyways, because I honestly will ramble about turbofire for this whole post lol. I have picked up some great pieces and makeup for this Spring/Summer season; as well as outfits for Mexico!! One more month to go.... I have my bridesmaid dress yay! Sooo I have lots of pics to post, and alot of looks for spring I cannot wait to do.  I have misplaced my memory card for my camera :-(  once they show up, or I replace them I will get back into the swing of things. Hope everyone has been doing well and some of us are enjoying some warm weather. I hope I soon will be that would be great!


  1. I just started my exercising routine last month...I need to boots up my mojo...Congrats on your workout.

  2. Congrats are starting your workout! I started a couple of months ago and stopped. I am starting back up again..