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This is Beans the youngest of my brood, I swear this chick has swag at 21 months haha! Today was awesome the weather here was really nice so we got out and ran some errands.  I had picked up NYX jumbo pencil and Wet n Wild jumbo.  My eyelids tend to be oily. Does anyone else have that problem? Anyways, I did prime my eyelids with Loreal's primer. I used NYX liner and wet n wild pot liner. Next I used NYX jumbo liner on one eye and Wet n wild jumbo on the other lid. *Drum roll* and here's the results
Wet n wild


Wet n Wild's jumbo pencil had a oily consistency from the beginning and  it had slid around.  Whereas NYX has a more matte consistency and it was still intact after a couple of hours. Wet n Wild jumbo pencil, YOUR OUT OF HERE!! Hahaha i'm a bit amped up still from my 5 hour energy and cupcakes :) I'm gonna go work some of this energy off. Thanks for all the comments Guys! You guys made my weekend :)

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