2011 Gram Glam

There were some really nice fashion going on for grammy weekend. I had some faves for the red carpet, pre-grammy gala, and pre-telecast here goes...

These ladies are fab. Love the nude dresses and shoes

Kelly Rowland's gown was my favorite, a  really classic look.

Check Toni Braxton out always risque.

Cyndi Lauper such a fan :) she's still got it.

Love loves Katy's gown! Leona Lewis...but she's a pretty girl!

Of course Jenny is Divalish as always
I had to save the best for last.....
Lenny!!! God he's gorgeous....


  1. Monica is killing me with this dress.. I want it.. She never lets me down with her outfits & Toni..... she has been on the edge with all of her outfits since day one.. no surprise but she does WERK it!

  2. @ Blackbee sizzlin...@ Tammy exactly Monica seems to always hit it, and Toni is rockin it, lol thats my Chick!

  3. Kelly R, Monica, and J Hud look too good. I love Leona's new look. Hott!