Happy Valentines!!!

I know I'm a little late posting for Valentines Day, me and my clan had fun together :)

Lips- Rimmel renew mauve pink, MAC lip glass

Face - MAC mineralize bronzer, Covergirl tru blend
Lashes, lids - Lashblast, MAC carbon + rice paper covergirl melt down mauve, Rimmel liquid liner
Check out our stash.... Any reason to buy sweets and cakes and decorate.  Seriously hahaha
I let my kids pick the cake,  chocolate covered chocolate cake O_O
Check out the sparkling grape juice lol.
How cute is that? A gift from my kiddos


  1. I really like that MAC bronzer on you. I've been hesitate trying it out. Maybe I should take the plunge :)The kids made great choices on the sweets, the cake looks soo yummy. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's -AlbeeLucky

  2. I really think it's work the investment it lasts for awhile its alot of product; in the summer u can opt just to wear it by itself, they were jumping off the walls lol had to give them warm milk to calm them we did, I hope u did too!

  3. Pretty V-day look!! It looks like you had a nice time and you are very loved!!