The Game!!

Soooo.......... The first episode of The Game new season has definitely lived up to the hype.  You had your cliffhanger at the end, it caught your attention right at the beginning with the photo-shoot, the question hanging out there about Derwin possibly not being his son's father.  I like that the writer's of the show let two years go by, because they actually did, and sorta filled you in as the show progressed.  Kudos BET! I'm hooked.  Me and my girlfriends were madly texting one another on the commercials.
 Meghan Goode.  Seriously, will this Chick ever began actually acting??  I mean its going on ten years already that she's the "bombshell" in EVERY part that she plays.  Meaning you know no serious acting will be happening yet again.  I wonder if she gets tired of that role in every show or movie she's in, or if she's just resigned to being that, and is gonna milk it as long as possible..... Just wondering. She really can act though. Does anyone remember her being in the move "Eve's Bayou?" She was quite young, but she portrayed the part really well.
I found another bridesmaid dress that I thought looks quite beachy for a beach wedding. 

I can picture wearing the longer gown for a beach wedding in the pink.  I also like the hairstyle.  My bestie is gonna wear her hair down, and us bridesmaids hair will be up.  I'm getting to bed earlier tonite. The kids are back to school in the morning, so we'll be up and at them early and i'll get some exercise in as well.  Smile ;-)



  1. eves bayu was a wonderful movie i havent seen it in a while. But on a another not the game was insane last night im excited about this season :-)

    XOXO your first follower


  2. Absolutely definitely an "oldie but goodie," I'm beside myself that they brought it back!! Thanks so much for reading!!