Weddings, Children that are suffering from Insomnia, Nail polish

My bestie's wedding will be at a resort in Mexico this coming Spring.  I am her maid of honor; of course its an honor to be. This will be the first wedding that I am the maid of honor. I have made a career of being the bridesmaid and on premise makeup artist pro-bono lol.  I enjoy it, but I'm never gonna make money as a makeup artist if I keep letting people I know use my services but expect it free. Hmmmm..... Of course I wouldn't charge my bestie.  This Chick is my sister. She's been with me through thick and thin.  I loves her to death. We are still deciding on what i will wear as her maid of honor.  We just know its gonna be pink.  I'm 5 ft 9, a long gown with an empire waist will be flattering for my frame.  Also, its a beach wedding this gown just says "beachy" to me.  I diggs it.  I'm up late yet again because of Mumsy. She is suffering from a touch of insomnia and I am forced to watch "The Upside Down Show." It could have at least been "Yo Gabba Gabba" but oh well. Can't win'em all.  I am diggin two nail polishes that has come out in Chanel's spring collection; black pearl, and pearl drop. Absolutely Gaga for.

Gorgeous. They are both on my list for this month.  I haven't worn acrylics in years.  I have decided to go back to my Jersey roots for awhile.  Me and my girlfriends had kicked the acrylics to the curb for awhile, because natural nails were in.  I have to say, I missed my acrylics.  Started off simple, rocking the pink and white tips. I was like a kid in a candy shop.  I had still been going to the nail shop to get a pedi and customary waxing of the eyebrows.  But I wasn't paying any attention to what was going on in the world of acrylics. 

That's just a few, but they come in like every type of print and color you can think of.Where have i been?? LOL  *Gasps* mumsy is asleep.  I can go to bed. 
Dream Bigg

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