Inclement Weather, and Research papers

That's the view out my bedroom window....That's the inclement weather. The kiddos are not only out of school today but tomorrow as well. Wow..But let me stop being such a "city pro" with the weather; this is GA and the rarely get "inclement weather" here.  It is considered the deep South after all. My classes were cancelled this evening as well, so I am being quite resourceful by using my time I would be in school to complete my paper, and touch base with my study group to get our assignment in. 

I re-located from VA Beach to Atlanta area in October. I miss being surrounded by the ocean.  Atlanta is inland their is not an ocean near me. A man made lake does not cut it. *Sigh* I will always find a pro though.  I am near my Mother here, and my bro's are in FL., only a couple of hours away.  I haven't been near family for 12 years.  I got out of the Navy and stayed in VA.  Now that my status has changed married Mum to single Mum, I am weighing my options where I actually want to be.  It doesn't hurt to be near family while I'm in the weighing stage. Earlier I played hide and seek with Mumsy. I had to walk by her a couple of times so that she could totally think she had found a great hiding spot to hide....

LOL to freaking cute.  Luvs the Mumsies xoxo *muahs*  Ohmigosh sooooo excited!! I was an avid follower of "The Game."  BET picked them up and the new season premieres tomorrow nite after 2 yrs!!! I cannot wait!

I'm digging Tia Mowry's new look! She had cut her hair and had gained a bit of weight in season 3; now she's lost some weight went back to her original long hair a glammed it waaay up, I love it! I'm a fan. Back to the books for me.....

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